Summer Strength and Conditioning

                          Summer Strength and Conditioning

Summer Strength and Conditioning

June 20th -August 20th 

Summer Training Schedule:


High School Elite Training: 

Monday and Wednesday

Group 1: 11am-12:15pm (Sold Out)

High School Elite Training: 3-5days

Tuesday and Thursday 

Group 2: 10am-11:15am (Sold Out)

Group 3: 11am-12:15pm (Sold Out)

Current Sign Ups are Closed.

Call or email Taylor Lewis for further details on spots


*Elite training will have the option to come in on the days they do not train (Monday-Friday) and train on their own with coach supervision from 6am to 11am*

Our Strength and Conditioning curriculum places a high priority on skill technique, athletic coordination, balance, relative strength, optimal overall strength, education, nutrition and good ole fashion fun. It is vital for athletes to move in various directions and be able to do it with good overall relative strength. This program will help establish your son’s athletic foundation for improved performance, injury prevention, and long-term enjoyment of sports participation. 

Program Outline

Phase 1: 2-3 weeks

Phase 1 is the weeks of refining patterns of fundamental movements. The deadlift, squat, and various power movements are critical in the progression of any athlete who wants to compete at the highest level. We will break down key strength movements and educate each athlete in proper technique.

Phase 2,3 (3-4 week blocks)

   Training will focus on sport specific strength training, with each athlete receiving instruction to enhance strength and performance in his respective activity.  Programs are progressive and will challenge each athlete in various strength movements as well as specific agility drills to improve linear and lateral movement. Conditioning will come into play towards the end of the program and will be implemented at key thresholds during training. 


 Academy of Total Performance understands that getting stronger in the gym is only one piece to the puzzle.  Nutrition is just as important and ATP has partnered with a nutritionist to develop a specific nutritional road map for athletes.They will learn the nutrition strategies for strength training, including recommended sources of protein, carbohydrate, fat and key nutrients.  Meal planning, great snacks, and proper hydration, along with sample menus will illustrate how easy it is to be a healthy athlete.  


What is Elite Strength and Conditioning?


# 1   Elite Training: 5 athletes in the Elite training,


# 2    Elite training: has an in-depth assessment and a specific strength and       conditioning program based on the athlete and their goals.


# 3   Elite Training: 2 days a week in their small group and they can come in the other days in the morning to get their other workouts in, so they can train up to 5 days a week.

Elite Training

The elite program is geared towards athletes who want a customized program 9 week. This program is only open to 5 total athletes per group. This program allows for some fluctuation in the schedule because they can come in on the off days anywhere from 6am to 12:15pm ending workouts by 12:15pm.

 Elite Training fills up fast and it is first come first serve.

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Summer Pricing:

Elite High School Training: Monday and Wednesday

3 monthly payments: $300 

Elite High School Training: Tuesday and Thursday

3 monthly payments: $300  


 Line Drive Baseball 3160 Kerner Blvd, San Rafael CA, 94901

For more information, contact:

Taylor Lewis